Managing Safety, Health and Environmental Risks in Laboratories

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Auteur: Iris van ’t Leven, MSc.
ISBN: 978 94 91764 28 8

Different chemicals and different methods of analysis are used in each laboratory. Such a fact does not make it easy to provide a standard guideline for working in the laboratory in a safe and environmentally friendly manner. This book helps the reader to better assess the risks that they may come across in their own unique situation, and to take suitable precautionary measures. An approach focused on sources is a central component of this effort. With the proper approach and common sense, each laboratory employee can find practical solutions that will make his or her workplace safer.
This book provides tips for working safely with chemicals, biological agents, radioactive substances, equipment, gas cylinders, cryogenic substances and glassware. Attention is also given to the physical load presented by lab activities.

This book provides a good overview of the opportunities to limit the risks of laboratory work and to create a safe and healthy work situation. In addition, it is used in education to make future laboratory employees conscious of the safety risks present in the laboratory and the possibilities of avoiding and limiting these risks.
This full-color print is completely in keeping with REACH and with the new limits found in Safety Information Sheets (Material Safety Data Sheets), and as an extra it contains practical examples and photos. English-speaking laboratory employees and students can use this edition to learn about the Dutch approach and European and Dutch labor legislation.